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 501 & 501-1 Headlight
Explosion Proof

    This unique, multi-purpose headlight is available with a choice of options. It may be used with a variety of voltage and wattage PAR #46 lamps. The housing is available in aluminum or brass with either a straight or right 90 degree gland. The model 501-1 has one gland opening, while the 501 has two gland openings for the convenience of series hook-up.
     This headlight, unlike others, has a ground and polished lens for maximum illumination and is epoxy sealed to reduce contamination. The lamp is held in place by a retainer ring, not by the lens cover. This gives you positive positioning and eliminates the problem of holding the lamp in place while installing the cover.
     All of the above complies with the applicaable requirements of M.S.H.A. Schedule "2-G" 40 CFR Part 18 under certification X/P 1650. This headlight is also approved for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under approval No. 702-78                                                

Download PDF of 501 Description and BOM

Download PDF of 501-1 Description and BOM