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Headlights - 380/382 Headlight
Explosion Proof

The models 380 and 382 are compact PAR 38 headlights which are designed to fit all mining machinery. They have been tested and approved under M.S.H.A. Schedule "2-G" 30 CFR part 18. These headlights are approved under certification number X/P 1774-2. They are approved for mercury, sodium high pressure, and incandescent lamps up to 150 watts. The lamps are held in place with three spring clips for fast and easy lamp replacement. The headlights are available in aluminum, brass or ductile iron. The model 380 is a single gland, while the model 382 is a dual gland, with straight or 90deg glands. These headlights are also approved for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by approval No. BFE 703-78.                                                                                          

Download PDF of 380 Description and BOM

Download PDF of 382 Description and BOM