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1200-1 & 1200-2 Headlight
Explosion Proof

The Model 1200 Headlight is a compact headlight designed to fit all mining machinery. This unique light has been tested and approved under M.S.H.A. Schedule "2-G" 30 CFR Part 18. This light is approved under certification number X/P 3579-0.

Lamp change for the 1200 is made simple and safe. By removing four screws from the front of the headlight, slipping the front cover out of which the lamp holder is attached, and by depressing the lamp reject lever the old lamp is removed. This can be done without worries of burn injuries. Then by putting a new lamp in, slipping it back into place, and replacing the screws, the lamp changing procedure has been completed.

The Model 1200 lights are available in aluminum or brass. They come in single or double glands of which Model 1200-1 is the single gland and 1200-2 is double gland. Both can be ordered with straight or 90 degree glands.                                                          

Download PDF of 1200 Description and BOM